Going green gave me the opportunity to truly take our business to the next level. We have added new
services to our spa menu and new team members to take care of you.
If you get too comfortable, life becomes complacent. Like our new spa, we want to keep you guessing and wonder what is next for art + science and how we can better serve you."

100% Wind powered energy from PECO Wind

Tankless water heater system

Retail and salon fixtures made from Chinese Rubberwood, a by-product of industries who use latex for production

Spa carpeting made from corn

Spa/shampoo area cabinetry made locally from green laminates

Spa beds made locally from sustainably sourced hard woods and PVC free tops

Menus and business cards printed on 100% recycled paper with Soy Ink

Low VOC Paint used throughout entire building

Reused and refinished wood flooring with water based finish

We recycle all paper, plastic, glass and cardboard

Art work in Spa area made from reclaimed wood and steel

Hair color bar made from Stainless Steel which is 100% recyclable

Space was designed around original structure to prevent unnecessary demolition and waste

We donate your hair clippings to make mats to soak up oil spills

Energy efficient lighting used throughout space

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