Our fully trained stylists have a passion for art and an infatuation with individualism.  We create the styles that you desire while making it uniquely yours.

Haircut $50+
Consultation, stress relieving shampoo, haircut, and a finished look to compliment your style.

New Stylist Haircut $40

Style (shampoo/blow dry) $35+
Consultation, shampoo, blow dry and creation of desired image from your specific vision.

Evening Hair $60+
Consultation and style creation that will give you a unique look to match your night.

Style Lesson $35+
30 minutes spent teaching you the skills to replicate your style we create. Learn the tricks and techniques to have "salon styled" hair all the time

Botanical Therapy Hair and Scalp Renewal $75+
A deep conditioning treatment to promote healthy hair and scalp. With a thorough scalp massage, using a custom blend of aromatic essential oils that treat your scalp's condition while balancing mind and mood. Next your hair is nourished with a damage rememdy treatment, while you are treated to a stress-relieving massage for tired hands.
Blowdry/style included.

Botanical Scalp Therapy $20
Extend your stress relieving treatment to 15 minutes while balancing the scalp

Keratin Complex Treatment $350+
This revolutionary smoothing treatment infuses Keratin deep into the hair cuticle, eliminating up to 95% of frizz and curl and leaving the hair softer, smoother and shinier. Results typically last 3 to 5 months.

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